Matrilineal Monday: A Voice from the Dust

How fortunate is the genealogist who has the written word of an ancestor! In my case, it is my great grandmother. What a feeling of love and bonding to read her mother’s story, as if it is a voice from the dust.

Just recently, I uncovered a copy of my 2nd great grandmother’s story as told by my great-grandmother, Ella “Maud” Leavitt Brown. Maud and her sister Roxie believed that preserving and sharing family history was necessary. With that spirit of record-keeping, they retold the story of their Mother, Ella Gertrude Bird Leavitt to share with their grandchildren.

This special lady descended from a long line of Pioneers, dating back to the days of Nauvoo. She was raised a stalwart Mormon and lived by her religion and devotion to God. In the story of her life, her daughters recount her hardships, her blessings, and her striving to always do the right thing. So, in honor of Matrilineal Monday, I share the story of Ella Gertrude Bird Leavitt. For a proper segue, I quote Maud:

“I am writing this as I remember my Mother, and some of the stories that were told of the times before I was born by the help of my sister Roxie. As of this writing (Roxie and I) are the only two still living of the children of David and Ella. I have fond memories of both my parents, and hope this story will enable those who did not get a chance to know them, to at least know about them, and love them as I did.” 


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